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Your Strategic Solutions Provider in the Mechanical Industry

Get customized OEM/ODM services, contract manufacturing and logistics from the company that helped found the mechanical products industry…eHans.


Technologies Division

Engineering Analysis

- Design Manufacturability, estimation and advice.
Material Analysis
- We can seek the best bargain and appropriate material.
Production Process Analysis
- We are expert in mechanical process, we help our client to save the production cost with the least process and achieving the same outcome.


Cost Control Division


- We always fulfill the requirement and goal in the shortest time.


- Participate in wholly.

- Improve continuously.

- Satisfy customers.

- We continue to offer our customers the best quality at the lowest Costprice.


- Quantity flexibility, Prompt time delivery, Cost effective solution, Shipping management and search for the best bargain and appropriate equipment and Component sourcing.


Project Managements

Excellent Integrated Management Capabilities

- Whether components, Accessories, Sheet metal, Racks, Enclosures and industrial or technology system,

- We provide effective and professional suggestions to every eHans customer.

- Win-win price reduction methods achieved customer satisfaction.